[SOLVED] arduino & battery

  • Hello to everyone!
    I need some info about a compatible mini pro arduino board (3.3v 8mhz).
    Removing the power led and removing the power regulator I get power consumption in the uA area. But if I connect the nrf24 when it goes to sleep it consumes around 1.21 mA. The nrf24 is "untouched": I've only added the 470uF capacitor.

    Do you know what I can do to get in the uA area with the nrf attached?


  • Try another NRF module.

  • @gian72 that unit might be bad. If you're using breadboard wires, I'd recommend recheck in them, I've also seen this issue when using bad wires giving unreliable connections.

  • thanks very much for the quick replys. I will try to exchange the radio module (now it is soldered to the arduino with some spare wires I have).
    I'll let you know.


  • Hardware Contributor


    Is your nrf24 initialized and put to sleep by MySensors ?
    If yes then I agree with the others, replace it.
    If not then it's normal with many clones that consume a lot when connected and not initialized. In that case put a MySensors script using sleep on your board.

    Also, 470uF is way too much, it's supposed to be 4.7 and up to something like 47.

  • Thanks so much for the suggestions!.
    I've changed the nrf module with another one and now I've got 4.60uA in sleep... now I'm very satisfied!

    Ciao Gianluca

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