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  • I have a bunch of sensors joined to an ESP8266 gateway. I'm building a new gateway using a Pi Zero W. Can I just shut down the old gateway and do the pairing process over again on the new one? Or, do I have to somehow disassociate the sensors from the old gateway first?

  • @signal15 At least if we are talking about nRF24: If the base ID isn't changed (most likely you didn't do that) it should be sufficient to adopt the GW info in the controller appropriately. (If signing is used, the new GW should also use the same key, but wrt that, I personally do not use this, so I may be wrong).

    At least this was my experience using FHEM as a controller. BUT: delete the GW and then do a new definition may lead to trouble.

  • @signal15 I have an 8266 gateway linked to a Domoticz controller. I've changed the gateway many times for testing purposes. With Domoticz at least, the only requirement is that the new gateway has the same IP. If you are using DHCP, that usually means updating the MAC adress in the DHCP reservations table.

    I even had one instance when I wasn't able to modify the DHCP table nor the IP assignment in the Domoticz config screen; in that case I manually changed the IP in the domoticz database, and it worked. Other controllers may be different.

    On the nodes <-> gw side, as long as the new gateway keep ID 0 and they use the same radio and comms channel, the nodes should be able to communcate with the new gatway with no issue.

    As mentioned above, if using signing things get more complex.

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    @manutremo things don't get that much more complicated with signing. Assuming you already know what preferences to set (and you ought to since you in this case already had it configured on the old gw) you can just re-run the personalizer sketch used to personalize all the other nodes (and gw) in the network for signing and you are good to go. So no "new" things are needed to migrate a gw with signing enabled.

  • If I turn on signing on the GW, do I have to turn it on for all nodes, or can I use a mix of signed and non-signed nodes?

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    @signal15 that depends on whether you by "turn on" mean require signed messages, if you run the official release or beta release and if you have the relaxed security flag enabled. The documentation describes all possible scenarios. Just make sure you read the version that correspond to the version you use (beta or release).

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