How to send serial commands (v_var) from Domoticz to serial gateway

  • Hi,

    I´m working on this for days now, with no conclusion.

    I´d like to send commands to my Arduino Gateway from Domotics, using my DzVents script.
    As the commands won´t fit predefinded types, I´d like to use the v_var1 - 5 (as shown on the list on,-req)
    I found the json url commands
    and also an example
    (on ) :

    Set f.e. to a virtual dimmer switch, I can now read the command on the Arduino sketch

    message.type == V_PERCENTAGE

    and get the value sended.

    My problem is, I can´t find out why "param=switchlight" on Domotics results in "V_PERCENTAGE" on MySensors. And what I have to send to get the "V_VAR1".

    Mayber there is also an easier way to send commands to MySensors - maybe send serial commands directly?

    Gateway (and also Domoticz server) is an RPi3.

  • @Inso - you can eventually register a few TEXT devices with one of your Arduino sensors, like:


    then periodically ask data back from Domoticz like:

      if (!line1received) {
        request(LCD_LINE1_CHILD_ID, V_TEXT);
    #if DEBUG == 1
        Serial.println("Requested line1 from gw !");
        wait(5000, 2, V_TEXT); // wait for 5s or until a message of type V_TEXT is received

    just define this first:

    bool line1received = false;

    For more details on the DzVents (2.4x) side have a look in the Domoticz installation folder, there are a few good DzVents examples, this is the path in Windows7:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Domoticz\scripts\dzVents\examples

    Hope it helps ...

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