ARDUINO+WIFI -> Domoticz on Raspberry Pi3 (water meter)

  • Hello,

    Goal : Count pulses (water meter) on a Arduino nano to obtain total volume and actual flowrate and then send values to Domoticz running on a Raspeberry Pi3

    Existing configuration :
    Oregon sensors temperature and OWL CM180 power mesure are read by a RFXCOM RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz Transceiver connected on a Raspberry Pi3. Domoticz is running on Raspberry Pi3
    Raspeberry Pi3 is connected to a Box (Livebox Orange).
    All is OK and work well !

    I wish to count pulses from a water meter with a Arduino Nano, calculate total volume and actual flowrate (no problem to do that ...) AND transmit values to Domoticz.
    Mysensors seem to be appropriate (easy to display with Domoticz because avalaible sensors for volume and flowrate).

    Question : It is possible to use WiFi to transmit value between Arduino and Raspberry through local network ? (by using a ESP8266 ?)

    Thanks for your help and advices


  • MySensors Evangelist

    @marsault6 If you are going to use an ESP8266 (like nodeMCU) you can configure it as an actual mysensors gateway + Node. The Node would be your watermeter. 😉

  • Mod

    @marsault6 sure you can, just use the standard esp8266 gateway sketch and comment out the defines for the radio interfaces, then add the code as it was a normal node

  • @gohan Thanks for your answers, I am a beginner .... OK, I will use a "nodeMCU dev kit v2", easy for power supply with USB and to test also. I will also use the Arduino IDE. I need to save time to time counter value and I had read it's possible with ESP8266 by using EEPROM library.
    Is the same lib like for Arduino ?

  • Mod

    Mysensors has a "savestate" function that can be used to save variables in eeprom without too much hassle, but in your case it since it is a mains powered node you could just report every pulse and have the controller save the data and when node boots it will just asks Domoticz the last pulse count (look at energy pulse meter example in library) but I think that will work only if using mqtt gateway as for the ethernet it will just miss the retrival of the pulse count because the controller takes some time to connect to the ethernet GW. As an alternative there are other solutions like ESPEasy that have already some built in funtions easy to use without need to do lot of coding.

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