[SOLVED] Sensebender GW Not Working - Damaged?

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    Need some help, don't know if I did something wrong. Received my sensebender GW today, solder the Ethernet and nrf24l01 pins and tried to install the MQTT GW. At first no signal from the usb, nothing, I only had one light on the board. Then I replaced my cable and I was able to upload the MQTT to the board (At least seen a Upload Success message). I tried to make a serial monitor, but lost connection with the GW from usb, out of nothing. Now I plug my cable and no LED flash... nothing... The only lights are from the Ethernet module. Nothing works on my GW, can't detect it, no led's nothing. Can it be possible that it died?

    Thank You

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    I hope you didn't connect any 5V logic device to it

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    I only connected the USB cable to my PC. First It did not worked, then I changes the cables and found one that made the GW appear on my Arduino IDE. I was able to upload the MQTT GW to it. Then I realised that I had debug off, so I tried to upload again with debug on, when I went to do that it stooped responding. I unplug it and when I pug-it back again It seems dead! No lights. Should it have any lights? I didn't even solder the MYSX pins. Only the Ethernet and RF24.

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    @soloam I had a soldering issue with the samd which I solved by reheating the board with a heat gun. That was an early prototype however so it should not be an issue on purchased devices. You could try though to gently press on the MCU and connect it to see if it makes a difference. It might suggest bad connections.

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    Nothing... malfunction unit? Possible replacement?

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    Could you please try to push the reset switch two times? This should get the device into bootloader mode, and get it to enumerate on the USB

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    @tbowmo Sir... you are a genius πŸ™‚ .... It worked! thank you πŸ™‚

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    Not only a genius, the founding father of the SenseBender series Himself πŸ™‡

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