Strange Error when pigw failed

  • So I had an issue yesterday where my pigw started acting up. The mysgw binary was running, but got dumped in to my logging DB TONS AND TONS of the following entries. Something to the tune of a few million records over the course of the day.


    anyone know what this is? I am trying to determine the root cause or atleast something i can trigger a reset off of.

  • so it seems that in short it's saying the message length didn't equal what it should.

    i checked and this so far isn't a common message in my logs other than when things go bad.

    I think the best thing I can do is to have a watchdog script monitor for entries like that and restart the gateway service.


  • Mod

    have you updated to latest 2.2 ?

  • @gohan I have not yet. Would have to plan for a weekend of reflashing all my devices. Unless i can switch to the pigw binary to 2.2 and it still work with the nodes while i am reflashing the nodes. Ill have to check in to that.

  • Mod

    You could give a try without reflashing nodes , just save the current binary 🙂

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