Powering sensors with a combination of parallel and series batteries

  • Quick question. I have several 3.3v systems that I am powering with 2xAA batteries wired in series. My only concern is battery life and am considering swapping those to parallel resulting in 1.5v but having ~4-5k mAH. Clearly this would be a problem due to the voltage. My question is, can I take 2 batteries and put them in a housing wired in parallel and then wire that housing in series to an identical housing (also wired in parallel) and that result in a 3v and 4-5k mAH system? Please see my ridiculous diagram below. There is probably a much easier way out there that I am unaware of and I'm still REALLY new to this so I apologize, but I would like to learn.!0_1519162104578_Wiring.png

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    Welcome to the MySensors commmunity @thecricketer!

    You would probably be better off minimizing power consumption of all components (see https://www.mysensors.org/build/battery for some recommendations and post a list of your components for more specific advice) but yes, what you are suggesting is possible.

    Easiest way: use 2 2xAA battery holders. Connect + (red wire) of both holders to Vcc on the device and - (black wire) of both holders to gnd on the device. Done.

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