PCB Design Guru Wanted

  • Hi all,
    I trust this post does not breach forum etiquette...

    In four to eight weeks, we are launching a KickStart campaign for a specific new product and want to hear from individuals with suitable skills to take responsibility for converting our schematics into assembled prototype PCBs, assuming our campaign is successful. While you being Australia based would be convenient, we are open to hearing from anyone anywhere. Although this is our first KickStart campaign, we have a number of excellent projects ready to follow. So while this may be a relatively small project, everyone on our team intends for this to launch a full time operation for years to come. Therefor this may be an ideal opportunity for you to make the change from 'good hobbyist' to a professional career.

    As a guide, our project is based around [A] a central Arduino+ESP communications controller with a variety of serial & I2C sensors. Plus [B] five smaller modules, all similar, but with small variations, being Arduino 328p modules designed to all have a common base of temp, humidity and 2 gp i/o, with 'some variation' plus option to support either RF24 or RF69 radios. These 'bare bones' modules will need to be powered by external 5v OR an optional battery. Everything we propose should be familiar to anyone who has MySensors design experience.

    We anticipate up to three prototype cycles before committing to the final production run. If you have the experience to take responsibility for converting our schematics into PCB ready art and/or prototype assembly, I'd love to hear from you, please email sensors@ptit.com.au with a brief background to start the conversation.



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