Sensor not booting up...

  • Hi, I've built a new mysensors node and personalized it with soft signing and encryption.

    When I boot up the sensor (with MY_DEBUG and MY_DEBUG_VERBOSE_RF24) it shows the following error:

     __  __       ____
    |  \/  |_   _/ ___|  ___ _ __  ___  ___  _ __ ___
    | |\/| | | | \___ \ / _ \ `_ \/ __|/ _ \| `__/ __|
    | |  | | |_| |___| |  __/ | | \__ \  _  | |  \__ \
    |_|  |_|\__, |____/ \___|_| |_|___/\___/|_|  |___/
            |___/                      2.2.0
    25 MCO:BGN:BFR
    27 TSM:INIT
    28 TSF:WUR:MS=0
    29 RF24:INIT
    30 RF24:INIT:PIN,CE=4,CS=7
    33 RF24:WBR:REG=0,VAL=14
    40 RF24:WBR:REG=3,VAL=3
    43 RF24:WBR:REG=4,VAL=95
    45 RF24:WBR:REG=5,VAL=76
    47 RF24:WBR:REG=6,VAL=37
    49 RF24:WBR:REG=16,VAL=115
    52 RF24:WBR:REG=29,VAL=4
    54 RF24:RBR:REG=6,VAL=0
    60 TSM:FAIL:CNT=1
    63 TSF:TDI:TSL
    65 RF24:SLP
    66 RF24:WBR:REG=0,VAL=12

    Is it related to the radio module?
    P.S. keep in mind that I've changed CE and CS pins by declearing:
    #define MY_RF24_CE_PIN 4
    #define MY_RF24_CS_PIN 7

    Thanks in advice, have a nice day!

  • Mod

    @marco-realacci yes, the message means the Arduino is unable to communicate with the nrf24 module.
    Most common cause is incorrect wiring. Double-check the wiring, and post photos here if you can't find any problem. Sometimes a new pair of eyes is needed to spot a mistake.
    What type of Arduino are you using? How are you powering the nrf24 module?

    Your defines look OK.

  • @mfalkvidd It's probable that the module is broken, because I've built it on a veroboard in the past and it was working until a short circuit has broken the Arduino NANO I was using.
    I was using this node to drive an RGBWW (RGB + warm white + cold white) LED strip using the Arduino PWM and some MOSFETs and for a mistake I shorted the DRAIN of the MOSFET with the VCC (this broke the Arduino).
    I've checked all the MOSFETs and they're still working, so I've replaced the Arduino NANO with a new one, but as I can see the short circuit apparently broke also the radio.

    Anyway I used the following components:

    • Unofficial Arduino NANO Rev3 (Kuman Mini Nano V3.0 ATmega328P);
    • 5 power MOSFETs (IRLB8721);
    • The NRF24L01+ radio module;
    • A 47uF capacitor (between VCC and GND of the radio module, to stabilize the voltage);
    • A 12V power supply.

    Arduino is powered with 12V (I know this isn't the best idea but other nodes are still working) and the radio is powered by the 3V3 (3.3V) pin on the Arduino.

    I've changed CE and CSN pins because I need 5 PWM pins.

    The gateway is a Raspberry Pi 3 setted up as an MQTT gateway (with the radio connected to the GPIO).

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    @marco-realacci the setup you're describing sounds good. The ftdi232 chip can deliver 50mA which is sufficient as long as the nrf24 is a "normal" and not pa+lna. So yes, if there was an accident a broken chip is the most probable cause.

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