Help with Ethernet Gateway?

  • I need a very patient elmer to hold my hand and speak s-l-o-w-l-y for a bunch of questions about implementing the Ethernet Gateway as it is described on the build page.

    I'm using 3V3 Pro Mini and a W5100 mini with an MRF69HW. I planned on using a dual-voltage Uno and W5100 shield, though the Uno arrived INOP, so I went with a Pro Mini since I had a handful of them already. When I get a working Uno, I may go back to it after all.

    Q1 - I don't find any direct answer that the W5100 will work with 3.3v, though it seems to be implied. Yes? No?

    Most everything else has to do with adapting the sketch to the RFM. I commented out the MY_RADIO_NRF24 and uncommented the one for the RFM69. Beyond that. . .

    Q2 - I find no documentation about SPI_EN on my W5100, so I assume that it's not capable and left that #define commented. OK?

    Q3 - After defining the My_SOFT_SPI statements is where the CE/CSN pins get redefined, though it appear to be only for the NRF24. Are there equivalent defines for the RFM?

    Q4 - The #define MY_USE_UPD is commented out. Not sure why if we will need to use it anyway. Assume: uncomment it?

    Q5 - Controller ip address: I'm using OpenHABian on an RPi3+ with a static address. More a statement than a question unless I'm wrong here.

    Q6 - Not sure what inclusion mode is. I see that it needs to be (and is) enabled, just don't what it means/does.

    Q7 - The void setup() indicates to set up locally attached sensors: attached directly to the Gateway? Why might I want/need to connect any directly? What sensors might they be?

    Q8 - What is void presentation(), locally attached sensors here? Ditto for the void loop(). If no locally attached sensors exists, both loops remain empty?

    Any takers? Thanks so much in advance!

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    A1: From the datasheet:

    3.3V operation with 5V I/O signal tolerance

    A2: I think so

    A3: If I understand the library code correctly, the new RFM69 driver supports softspi but the old does not. Add this to your sketch (before #include MySensors.h) for both the gateway sketch and the node sketch.

    #define MY_RFM69_NEW_DRIVER

    A4: If you don't know you need it, leave it the way it is in the example. This goes for almost everything.

    A5: Do you mean MY_CONTROLLER_IP_ADDRESS? This is only used for client mode. I think OpenHab can use server mode.

    A6: Just leave the default

    A7: When you want to use local sensors, you'll hopefully know why 🙂 There is absolutely no need for local sensors, but MySensors supports local sensors for those who want them.

    A8: Correct.

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