UPS battery charging

  • Can anybody here advise how critical the trickle charge voltage is for UPS batteries?

    I was about to order the MeanWell AD-55A PSU/battery charger recommended from the original article I was following for a UPS, when I noted it's battery charge circuit was 13.4v at 0.34A.
    All batteries seem to specify a standby charge voltage range of 13.6-13.8 volts, so with a PSC-60 available at similar price with a reduced but perfectly adequate 2.8A capable main circuit, would this be a safer bet having a 13.8v 1.5A charge circuit, or is it largely irrelevant?

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    I am no expert, but I suspect it is not charging the battery at full capacity to preserve it for a longer time as it will stay charged for most of the time. Also fast charging on a UPS it is normally not needed, so a slow charge at 0.3A is fine

  • @gohan So you think the 13.4v is deliberately to avoid the possibility of overcharging irrespective of the battery manufacturer's stated 0.2v higher start of range?
    Went back to look at the battery on the original article which indeed displayed a range from 13.5-13.8 and the author said nothing, so you may well be right.

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    It could also be the article is not very new and lately battery technology allows for a bit higher standby voltage... who knows 😄
    I don't think 0.1/0.2V would make a huge difference in UPS runtime while on battery

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