nRF52840 radiofrequency mesh network setup.

  • Hi, everyone. I am new here and sure am glad i got to know about this site just 5 minutes ago (via random net search). I need help. I need to set up a 9 router mesh network with multi-hopping capabilities using the Nordic nRf52840 SoC. I joined the Nordic forum in the hope that i will get help. Suffice to say i have failed dismally to set up the network. I can do the examples they have on the site but when i ask for step by step instructions, someone always points out to me that they can't provide that for me. I know very little about C/C++ programming, so i cannot get past the examples. My project involves collecting and analyzing latency, hopping and packet delivery ratio data to determine the performance and reliability of the network. You tube is not detailed enough. Please, i need help as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

    P.S. This project was started by someone else and i have been assigned to it and i cannot say no as that will lead to a fail. Please help me.

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