💬 RS485 Ethernet Gateway

  • Hello,
    This module is finally available to buy assembled. Now our project is complete, you can run the whole RS485 system after some shopping here, on openhardware.io. See details on the project pages.


  • Hi all,
    We are still working hard on our project of MySensors&RS485 based, wired home automation system. Right now we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign aimed to deliver some of our designs to backers. We’ve received some official MySensors community support and our RS845 Ethernet Gateway project is now featured.

    If anyone is interested in supporting our effort, please subscribe for campaign updates. Telling about us to others would be even better. We need a lot of support to succeed.

    I will happily answer any questions. Link to the campaign pre-launch page:

  • I see in your code that you use:

    #define MY_NODE_ID AUTO

    Many users here have got a problem with the automatic allocation node ID with MySensors RS485 transmission protocol.
    They must use manual ID allocation.
    It really works for you?
    Maybe the new versions of MySensors has this feature working.
    It will be good news for me and others.

  • @kimot No, it is an obvious mistake, I am very sorry. Maybe it is becouse the code in master branch is very old, the newest is not yet on github, but the developement branch is quite new. I am going to fix this soon.

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