Gateway with Relays (4) on WEMOS D1 R1

  • Hi folks,

    I'm having trouble getting this hunk of junk working, and I'm about ready to go out and buy a commercial controller because I've invested way too much time and effort into this already.

    I have had my irrigation controller working on a mega/uno with a w5100 ethernet shield, and thats all good except I have no wired network available where the unit is located, so I wanted to move to a wifi enabled platform.

    I've tried with a sparkfun esp8266 shield, but that's not compatible with MySensors, so I bought a wemos D1 (R1) and while I can get it to connect to the network and make it available in MyController (static IP only) i can not get my relays to switch on/off.

    I've tried using the alternate GPIO numbers (which doesn't help me as they aren't consecutive as required by the relay example, and I'm not sure how I'd setup multiple relays)

    I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice that might help me get this Wemos D1 working with AT LEAST 2 relays, but ideally 4.


    Zach (The Frustrated Aussie Guy)

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    @zachflem sorry for your frustrations my friend. It's something we all experience every once in a while. Could you give us more details? Like serial logging and photo's of your wiring. Because people don't have X-ray eyes and they can't peek at your project table. So it's very hard to help when you have no eyes 😛

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    @zachflem how about making your Mega a MySensors node? You could then use the Wemos as gateway without problems with gpio.

  • I don't use myself the Mycontroller, but how is the Wemos D1 r1, have you flashed ESPEASY to your Wemos?

    IMPORTANT: For now this library supports up to ESP 8266 community version: 2.3.0 If you compile with 2.4.0 or greater version. This code will not work as expected.

  • @mfalkvidd I've just ordered the radios from ebay and this will be my final attempt to get this working! I was trying to avoid using any 2.4ghz radios as that band is already heavily congested around my home.

  • @theol I've changed my setup that many times, i don't even know what it looks like anymore!

    I've ordered some radios and am going to try setting the mega up as a radio node and see if that works, otherwise I think it's time to buy an off the shelf controller...

  • just wondering if your Wemos D1 have ESPEASY, then you should be able to attach it to your wifi network and operate this from your webbrowser

    can you confirm that your Wemos D1 is on your wifi network?

  • @bjacobse I liked the look of espEasy, but I had a lot of trouble getting it to connect to my wifi after adding my network settings. (I had to download the latest dev build) I'll have a go at the code you linked though, as I kinda like the idea of keeping mycontroller, and the relay actuator example looks too simple to be true!

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