💬 Instrumentation Amplifier

  • Hello everyone,

    Had a moment to put in a post, to let you know I could answer questions. I'll probably put a few more designs up here if I get any interest. The Github for the design will always be the most recent, but I will release revisions here if/when they need to happen.

    This board came about because I had need of a fast sampling strain gauge load cell circuit for a project. I designed this to be a prototype board to work between different MCU boards and with varying load cells.

    This circuit has been tested using 3 different Arduino form factor boards, the Uno, the Sparkfun ATSAMD21G breakout, and the Adafruit Metro M4 Express.


    I don't have the regulator populated in the image, I was using a wire jumper until deciding on which board this particular one would permanently reside, the Sparkfun board, for example, require a 5V v-in, whereas the Adafruit and Arduino can handle 12V.

    The 2.54mm pitch terminal blocks are spaced back from the edge of the board in case a smaller board is desired (to match the Sparkfun or Coridium board profiles), and to allow the use of a 90 degree pin header instead of the screw terminals without going off the end of the board.

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