garage doors sensor not working good

  • My garage door sensor receiver not works time by time, may because of the winter cold?

    I opened the receiver's box and plugged into the connector, the green led is on, disappear after few times open and close test.

    Should I buy a set of new sensor or fixable? Or is it OK to exchange the mounting left right side of transmitter and receiver?

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    Welcome to the MySensors forum @laoadam
    Several different garage door openers have been created by forum members. Could you specify which one you have built?
    What does the debug output say?

  • Hi Mikael Falkvidd, thank you for reply.
    I didn't build any yet, just my garage door safety sensor not working and I am looking for some solutions.

  • @laoadam Your garage door safety sensors may not be aligned quite right. It could be off just enough that vibration from the door itself when opening and closing is knocking one of the sensor modules out of alignment. The same could be true if one of the wires to it is loose. Check both sensor modules to make sure they are aligned right and not loose. One should be a transmitter that shoots a beam to the other module which is the receiver. If the transmitter beam is not aligned exactly right with the receiver, it won't work. As I mentioned too, check that there are no loose or broken wires. If wires go to screw terminals, make sure those are secured properly and that none of the wire casing is getting pinched in with the wire as that may cause a partial connection that could be lost with vibration of the door.

    With all that being said, this is a forum for a DIY home automation hardware platform called MySensors. Were you planning at some point to implement this for your garage door?

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