OpenHAB & MySensors Child_ID 255 problem

  • Hello,

    I was successfully able to run OpenHAB & MySensors via Serial Gateway using the nRF24L01+ everything was fine and I starting playing with HABPanel, and got a lot of things ready in there, however when added a "10 Minute Delay" on sending an email alert, something strange can check my OpenHAB post here for more info..

    this is my output from OpenHAB frontail

    2019-02-25 02:27:25.843 [DEBUG] [rsAbstractConnection$MySensorsReader] - Message from gateway received: 30;255;0;0;17;2.3.1
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.848 [DEBUG] [rs.internal.gateway.MySensorsGateway] - Presentation Message received
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.853 [WARN ] [rs.internal.gateway.MySensorsGateway] - Presented child is alredy present in gateway
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.858 [DEBUG] [rsAbstractConnection$MySensorsReader] - Message from gateway received: 30;255;3;0;6;0
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.862 [DEBUG] [rs.internal.gateway.MySensorsGateway] - I_CONFIG request received from M, answering: (is imperial?)false
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.867 [DEBUG] [rsAbstractConnection$MySensorsWriter] - Sending to MySensors: 30;255;3;0;6;M
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.903 [DEBUG] [rsAbstractConnection$MySensorsReader] - Message from gateway received: 30;255;3;0;11;Temperature Sensor
    2019-02-25 02:27:25.907 [DEBUG] [rsAbstractConnection$MySensorsReader] - Message from gateway received: 30;255;3;0;12;1.1```

  • Mod

    @nizoo91 Node ID 255 on nRF24 is reserved, as it is used as broadcast address.
    Pick any other address in the 1..254 range and try again.

  • @yveaux I never specified the child_ID in the sketches...

    I have two sensors which initialize on their own..

    Basically this code here and the only thing I added was defining the node_ID

    Can I specifically assign a child ID to each sensor? If so how?


  • Mod

    @nizoo91 Sorry, my bad. Thought I read NODE ID in the topic 😅
    Anyway, Child ID 255 seems reserved for debug messages:

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