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  • Hello guys i just decide to quit using mysensors , in nothing personal is just is not working for me i live in mexico and almost all houses are a Faraday cages, yesterday i was tenting a new gateway with a few sensors and i just lose my mind , losing connection , every minute , try adding a repeater didnt help change the NRF24L01+ radio for a long range antenna , changing arduinos mini /nano/ uno etc , same result all day yesterday i was fighting to use mysensors , today i just went ahead and buy a nodemcu install mqtt to my controller , flash tasmota and in less than 2 hours i was able to add my sensor , i love this community, thanks to you guys i was introduced to home automation and learn a lot , but is time for me to change for another solutions for my home ,

    thanks guys i really appreciate all your help , and all you time spending on working on an open source solution for all of us ,

  • @fernando-alvarez-buylla
    ESP with Tasmota or ESPeasy is good solution for sensors where power is available. But if you must use battery, you must find something different. And then MySensors with RFM69 radio (not your 2.4GHz NRF24L01 ) can be good choice. It has a lot of better distance on 848 or 433MHz.

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    @fernando-alvarez-buylla said in Thanks to all:

    all houses are a Faraday cages

    If that is really the case then a nodemcu isn't likely to solve your problems either... They both use the same frequency band and have comparable antennas, only the Tx power is higher on the nodemcu.

    Anyway, good to hear you found a working solution; too bad it isn't MySensors based ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yes it's all fine to say goodbye, but maybe you should try RFM69 as most of those NRF24L01 are fake from Chinese suppliers, and that could have given you the bad experience, and if you also use WIFI on 2.4GHZ and Bluetooth devices, then 2.4GHz is quite crowded.
    I myself also live almost in a Faraday cage, forcing me to have WIFI gateway on both my groundfloor as well as have one WIFI gateway on 1 floor, with cable to both WIFI gateway. Funny enough my Zwave 868MHz devices are having good coverage in whole house (Yes maybe it's due to Zwave have mesh network (not battery devices), and my battery Mysensors have mesh disabled)

  • Guys you are right is too early to quit , i have to try the RFM69 433Mhz as well before quitting , i was planning to wire my house with a 5v power supply to power all the sensors but i guess using a lower freq can help me to avoid that , will give it a try , lest just hope the rfm69 arrive, cuz i always have problems with evay ,

    thanks guys you open mi mind one more time

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