Getting started. Samd21, dragino lora hat

  • Hi all,

    i finally wanted to take the deep dive and get started using mysensors. I have got a few Samd21 boards laying around here with the RFM95 on it (from another project). I used them as dev boards and they are the:

    Sparkfun Pro RF

    Now i know that almost all these samd21 dev boards don't have any EEPROM on them. I have read quite a bit of posts about this on this forum also. But i can't seem to find any info (or i am totally not reading it right) if mysensors will break during build because of this (or that is just doesn't have the ability to store the node id etc, and just keeps asking for a new one during startup). I now there is the option to use the flash as a "sort of" EEPROM. I know there are some disadvantages to this also, but during development that isn't a problem for me. The idea is to just create a custom pcb in the end so i can just add EEPROM to it. I could also order multiple Sensebender gateway boards, but i don't know what the delivery time is form china (and i have got the other ones laying around).

    As for the gateway. I was thinking about a PI for now with the dragino lora board. Did anybody use that one already?

    Dragino lora hat



  • Mod

    @percramer for the second question, I think you can configure the raspberry pi gateway use the pins described at

  • ok thanks! Then i will order the dragino board to test if it will work. I really like the samd series, so i will just test it and see what happens.

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