New to Domoticz, joining it with Vera and Mysensors question

  • Hey all

    I may be needing to start using Domoticz alongside my Vera controller to interact with things that Vera doesn't support. I currently have a Mysensors Ethernet Gateway working great with Vera. Once I setup the Domoticz server and add the gateway to it, will I need to rediscover all my Mysensors nodes, or does the Gateway remember them and will just create them in Domoticz? I'm assuming that I'll need to include them again, but thought I'd ask.


  • @homer My first question would be, what devices are not working on your Vera controller?

    Now on to your other issue. It is not the gateway that remembers the devices, it should be the controller (Vera/Domoticz). I don't use an ethernet gateway, and I just run my Vera controller now, but prior to my move to Vera, I was using Domoticz on an Orange Pi PC. I assume that you are thinking that because you are running an ethernet gateway that you might be able to have the Vera and Domoticz setups on the same network with both having the ability to manage the same group of devices, correct? I don't really know if you can use two gateways on the same group of devices. With Donoticz, you willgo to the setup tab and click on Hardware. Once in Hardware, you can create your gateway by giving it a name, selecting the type of gateway device (MySensors gateway with LAN interface). Next set the IP address of your gateway and the port you connect to, then click Add. Now in your gateway list you should see the one you just created. Click the blue Setup button. Your devices should start to automatically populate in the list on the next page. That is if it all works.

  • @homer I have no experience with Vera, and only starting out with Domoticz like you, but your MS Gateway just relays the traffic from your nodes to your Controller (Domoticz). it wont have any details to remember or pass on ... its like a listening post for Nodes for onward transmission to controller, Subscribed Brokers or other nodes.

    If I am wrong others would correct me.

  • @eme I could be wrong, but I thought that Domoticz would send out a new node ID when it discovers a new device, which I guess yes is stored on the node side. The IDs as far as I know are generated by the back end database using an auto-incrementing primary key field. It does however store that ID in it's database so that when the node calls back to the controller with a data packet it would then know what device it is communicating with based on the node ID sent with the packet. If data needs to be sent to the node, such as an on/off control signal, it would also need to know the ID of the node it needs to talk to. You are correct in saying though that the gateway does not store anything. It is merely a data bridge to relay node information to and from the controller software (Domoticz/Vera).

  • @dbemowsk Yes you are right.
    Domoticz (the Controller, just like Vera) is the one with the DB. The Gateway just sends messages to and from the controller. MySensors needs a gateway to communicate with all nodes. the Controller automates and facilitates the interactions with the nodes and gateways...

  • Thanks guys!

  • @dbemowsk said in New to Domoticz, joining it with Vera and Mysensors question:

    @homer My first question would be, what devices are not working on your Vera controller?

    The problem I have is that I want to use some of the cheap rf433 sensors. I have been trying to get the Candle Hub working but haven't been successful, so I'm thinking about using RF Link, which I know works with Domoticz. I'm hoping to be able to use the rf433 devices using the RF Link and having that talk to Domoticz, and then my Vera controller getting that info from Domoticz.

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