(homeassistant) mysensors.notify does nothing, (alternatives?)

  • I cant get mysensors.notify to work...

    in my configuration.yaml i put this:

        name: Twinkle
        initial: off

    and in my automations.yaml i have this.

    - alias: 'send scene to map'
        platform: state
        entity_id: input_boolean.baum_fx_twinkle
        to: 'on'
        service: notify.mysensors
          message: twinkle
          target: 'lalelu 111 2'

    it works when i use MYSController with type c_set, subtype V_TEXT settings. but whenever i try to press the switch it does nothing... also there is nothing logged in MYSController.
    Same when i try to use the call-service-page in my homeassistant backend... just nothing - not even an error...

    does anyone have an idea? I checked for correct IDs and everything and in MYSController it definetly works... but homeassistant is very reluctant to do anything...

  • or does anybody have an alternative?

    i just want to send a V_TEXT to a node via the dashboard.

  • Plugin Developer

    Maybe add 'home assistant' to the topic title?

  • @alowhum

    good idea. thx.

  • let me ask differently again:

    did anybody get this:

    to work? i find no useful example and have the suspicion that it just doesnt work anymore since all the forumentries seem old and outdated?

  • sorry for spamming my own thread... i just want to keep updates coming in while debugging... i got it to the point where the homeassistant log tells me: "Unable to find service notify/mysensors".

    but apparently there is no known solution to do this. i even unplugged and restarted everything. i am hitting a dead end here...

  • I have the same issue after settinf an automation under HA ( "Unable to find service notify/mysensor")
    Do you find a workaround?

  • I faced same issue and was able to solve it by doing a proper presentation of S_INFO widget, as described in sample sketch: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/notify.mysensors/

    The error message is quite misleading.

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