Raspberry Pie 4, RFM69 - Noobie questions

  • Hi,

    I hope it's ok to open these types of posts here.

    I would like to use openHab on an Raspberry Pie 4, I decided on a RFM69HCW (868MHz) transmitter because those seem to have a good range (Admittedly I don't need all that range because I life in a small flat, but it would be nice to be future-proof).

    I figured I could build good and cheap (battery driven) sensors with some Arduino Pro Minis, EasyPCBs and other RFM69 transmitters.

    Is this a good setup? Or should I change anything?

    About attaching the RFM69HCW to the RPi4: This is probably the easiest way to attach the RFm69 to the Pie, right?

    If I got the documentation here right then the mysensors library is all I need to run the RFM69 on the Pie, correct?

    Thanks for the help!

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