Solenoid water valve

  • Hello,

    I tried to search something on this forum, tried to ask in special stores with bathroom supplies, tried to google looks like i found something but nothing what I would like.

    Could someone recommend solenoid water valve for cold and hot water that i could install on my new apartment?

    I would like to have this feature: if water leak sensor is triggered, then it should close solenoid water valves. I found some of these on Aliexpress, but I better choose branded product like Danfoss or simillar.

    Maybe someone is confronted with it and could recommend something?

    Thank You!

  • @jacikaas
    Perhaps you might search for motorised valve rather than solenoid. I recall someone here using them to control heating, possibly of chinese manufacture and relatively cheap.
    Mechanically latched solenoid valves are used in modern battery powered garden irrigators, but I have not seen them separately on sale.
    If your hot water is generated within the apartment you need only shut down the cold supply.

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    You'll want a valve that's certified to meet NSF 61 standards, preferably stainless steel. Anything else, especially if it's non-certified brass, has a significant chance of lead and/or other hazardous contamination that you won't want leaching into your drinking water.

    I recently replaced the solenoid on my Miele dishwasher with one of the US Solid electrically actuated ball valves (stainless steel, NSF 61 certified), and it's working fine. Total overkill for this application, but US Solid claims the mean-time between failure is something like 100,000 actuations, so hopefully I'll never have to touch it again. In contrast,the Miele solenoids fail about every 4-5 years, and replacing them with the same part is a total pain the neck. Besides, the Miele part would have cost 5x as much! Go figure.

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