Sensor Up or Sensor Down

  • Got a number of BME280 sensors and I'm wondering better to solder the header on with the sensor up or down. 0_1572661083346_7b165e05-2945-481f-ac1b-e8de84a7374b-image.png

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    @zingpow it doesn't matter much, except that it will affect how the sensor can be fitted to an enclosure. If you have an enclosure where you drill a hole and want the sensor (the small swure grey shiny component in the middle of the board) to be as close to the hole as possible, making the header stick ut at the backside is probably easier.

  • These sensors will likely only every be on breadboards. I wonder about this as on the backside of the board is where they put the pin descriptions which made me wonder if I had been putting the headers on the wrong side, plus I was wondering if having the sensor side down might shield the sensor from drafts etc. 0_1572720611593_2b2af3fe-b0be-4ef0-8a59-a026dcd2487f-image.png

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    One could argue for mounting the sensor upside down. That way less dust would settle inside the hole, resulting in less sensor contamination. Think it wouldn't matter? Some of the si7021's are even outfitted with dust shields at the factory. They have different part numbers and cost a bit more.

  • @neverdie said in Sensor Up or Sensor Down:


    Didn't even think of that, but it makes sense.

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