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  • hello all

    I've got a coiuple of raspberrypi's working as cameras. I';ve goit a vera edge turning a light on at sunset and have an arduino nano that I can connect via codebender and make the leds flash!

    oh, I have breadboard, female to female wires and a few of the recommended radios - i can at least follow the diagram to connect that radio to the nano!

    I'm trying to build a serial gateway to connect to the vera edge and then a remote sensor to control a relay which will turn a light on/off

    when I first read through this site, it seemed to have all the sketches ready but now I'm struggling to decipher which one I need to use for the Gateway itself.

    any help oin this first part of the journey will no doubt be followed up with thanks and requests for every step of the way...

    (feel free to tell me arduino is not for me)

  • Most likely you will want the Serial Gateway

    on the Control end and then the the Relay Sketch on the node end

    This page should have the info on connecting the Serial Gateway to the Vera you already have.

    I haven't gotten a controller working yet and don't have a Vera so I can't help with that.

  • I concur with the above... I could never get a serial gateway working on my Vera 3 so I built the Ethernet version and it's been going great.

    Maybe it's just me, but help seemed to be more available when I first started here, but that's not to say you won't learn stuff... like I said, it could just be me 🙂

    What board are you using to make your relay and your gateway? If I remember right, they could only get one type of board to work as a serial gateway...

    And Arduino is for you 🙂 If I can get these little boards to work, then anyone can 🙂

  • @Dean I'm still waiting on some Nanos to arrive so I can start playing with this stuff, but I opted to order the parts for the Ethernet gateway as well, because I figure it gives me more flexibility in placement of the gateway to achieve best radio reception, and more flexibility in my ability to switch controllers later on. ...kind of wish I'd thought of making it WiFi, but I didn't want to mess around with the recipe for the controller right out of the gate.

  • thanks all for your help.

    I have a little one - the nano and am happy to make it serial connection into vera edge.

    going to spend the weekend reading the sketches to see if and where I need to make changes - if anyone can point me in the right direction, that woudl be even better!

    is there a good way to test - I uploaded the GW sketch, and think I've followed the vera add in but it teels me the mysensor device needs configuring and not sure where.

    loving the challenge, and appreciating the help!

  • @baldsi If you are just trying to turn a relay on and off, you shouldn't need to modify the above sketches at all. The Ardunio nano is the only officially supported serial Gateway Arduino, so no worries there. What Arduino are you planning to use for the relay sensor node?

    If you have added the Gateway to your Vera correctly you should see something along the lines of the image below in your device panel. If you see that, then everything should be configured correctly. You can add the relay to the device panel by powering the relay Arduino shortly after clicking the "Start" button on the "MySensors Plugin".


  • thanks all. back playing again and have refreshed my nano's with the appropriate sketches.
    @maltimus your picture is not available 😞

    I've got a nano for the relay sensor node and I'm just not getting it. allows me to upload both sketches.

    I plug the serial gateway into the vera edge device and then.....

    I'm sure I've added the mysensor plugin app to the vera but it's not allowing me to do anything - help - I have no hair left to pull out!!

  • @baldsi What does your vera 3 My Sensor plu- in look like? Are all the parts should be filled in
    name My Sensors Plug In
    ver # 1.4
    lib # 1.4
    Start Stop buttons

    Also you need to configure Serial port under the Dev Apps

    Set baud rate at 115200 and used by the my sensors plugin
    also this mustbe saved in the vera.

  • @baldsi Image corrected. Do you see the above device in your Vera?

  • @maltimus - thanks, I can see the picture. frstratingly I have the Vera Edge though!

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