Serial Gateway mystery

  • I use Arduino Nano as serial gateway and after some initial problem it now works ok. I also have one node with two DS18B20 up and go.
    The mystery is that I have a red banner saying "Can't Detect Device" beneath the MySensors Plugin description in Devices. Also in Dashboard I have a message "1 Device no longer connected".
    I have try to delete the plugin and reinstall everything but with same result.
    I use UI7.
    2014-10-21 13_28_10-Vera™ ▾ Smarter Home Control.jpg
    2014-10-21 13_29_09-Vera™ ▾ Smarter Home Control.jpg
    Pls help, I don't want this allert.

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    Reading the micasaverde forums, apparently this "error" is quite common for many plugins

    Despite the error message - does the Mysensors plugin work?

  • Thanks for all the info all
    But still have the problem with vera3 on ui7
    Cribben, I follow the instructions on the my sensor vera plugin and it comes up with ver 1.3 and no lib #
    how did you get the new plugin to load

    Any help at all would be welcome as ui7 is not too smooth yet.

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