loadState in 2.3.2 is not a happy function....

  • I am trying to get another node done and using saveState and loadState in the node for power cut recovery.

    Although I can get saveState to work in the receive function (wasn't expecting that to complie I must admit), whenever I try to loadState in setup I get an error like this.....

    Arduino: 1.8.9 (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini, ATmega328P (5V, 16 MHz)"

    WARNING: Spurious .ci folder in 'MySensors' library
    WARNING: Spurious .mystools folder in 'MySensors' library
    C:\Users\captain\Documents\Arduino\MYS-M_BED_LED-0.2\MYS-M_BED_LED-0.2.ino: In function 'void setup()':

    MYS-M_BED_LED-0.2:69:23: error: too many arguments to function 'uint8_t loadState(uint8_t)'

    loadState(10, lights);


    In file included from C:\Users\captain\Documents\Arduino\libraries\MySensors/MySensors.h:433:0,

                 from C:\Users\captain\Documents\Arduino\MYS-M_BED_LED-0.2\MYS-M_BED_LED-0.2.ino:32:

    C:\Users\captain\Documents\Arduino\libraries\MySensors/core/MySensorsCore.cpp:550:9: note: declared here

    uint8_t loadState(const uint8_t pos)


    exit status 1
    too many arguments to function 'uint8_t loadState(uint8_t)'

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    option enabled in File -> Preferences.

    void setup()
      // loadState(1, SOUND_Armed);
      // loadState(7, Auto_lights);
      loadState(10, lights);
      if (lights == 1) {
        newcodeRX == 1;
        code = 0xFFA25D;
      irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver

    So I wonder why saveState(10, lights); compiles and loadState(10, lights); does not? What am I not knowing about this as I have not had this issue before.

  • Admin


    lights = loadState(10);

  • @hek You are a star!

    That works as expected - so I guess that saveState should also have this construction.

    Did this change recently or have I just been lucky doing it the way I originally had it?

  • Admin

    It has always been like this. In order to do like you propose, you'd have to send in a pointer for the light variable into the function to be able to update it. This would be a bit awkward and none standard for simple scalar values.

  • Just tested this and my assumption was incorrect it seems (using arduino 1.8.9 and mysensors 2.3.2).....

    Correct usage is......

    lights = loadState(10); //to read value from eeprom to variable.
    saveState(10, lights); //to write value from variable to eeprom.

    Now I got it!

  • @hek Thanks! Our posts crossed in the matrix!

    I even got this right on a previous sketch, but a lot has been going on for me lately and I am finding it difficult to concentrate on things.

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