!MCO:PRO:RC=1 in debug logs

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    When enabling MyDebug on a node I'm working on, I sometimes see bursts of this:

    100776 !MCO:WAI:RC=1
    100780 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100782 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100784 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100786 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100788 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100790 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100792 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100794 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100796 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100798 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100800 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100802 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100804 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100806 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100808 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100810 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100812 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100814 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100816 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100818 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100820 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100823 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100825 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100827 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100829 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100831 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100833 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100835 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100837 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    100840 !MCO:PRO:RC=1
    102779 !MCO:PRO:RC=1

    I don't see anything about this on the forum. I did find that MCO means "MySensors core".

    It seems to happen during the wait part of the code below, which is in the receive function:

        // Change relay state
        desiredState = message.getBool()?RELAY_ON:RELAY_OFF;
        if(desiredState == RELAY_ON){
          send(relay_message.setSensor(message.sensor).set(RELAY_ON)); // Send on state
          digitalWrite(RELAY_1, RELAY_ON);
          Serial.println(F("Turning on"));
          digitalWrite(RELAY_1, RELAY_OFF);
          Serial.println(F("Turned off"));
          //send(relay_message.setSensor(message.sensor).set(RELAY_OFF)); // Send off state
        send(relay_message.setSensor(message.sensor).set(RELAY_OFF)); // Send off state

    Perhaps I should keep the receive function as brief as possible?

  • Plugin Developer

    Yes, that was it. I love it when I answer my own questions 🙂

  • Mod

    @alowhum the warning is emitted at https://github.com/mysensors/MySensors/blob/dd91aeb9c30dbd658bd02c34445669a7cd996c0f/core/MySensorsCore.cpp#L60

    Calling wait and send from within receive can cause recursive loops, which is why the log message is shown.

  • Plugin Developer

    Ah, interesting, thanks for the explanation.

  • Admin

    Updated log parser to include RC debug messages: https://github.com/mysensors/MySensors/pull/1396

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