LPWAN based on Mysensors radio network using LoRa 433 MHz Phy - Range, etc

  • Im a noobie as of this week.
    I have a Mysenors MQTT gateway on ESP32 with a AI Thinker RA-02 (433 MHz) Lora modulation radio.

    Its working well so far, I'm interested to know if anyone has created a multi-node network covering , say a town using this protocol on LoRa or RFM69 Phyisical layer?

    I am wondering if I setup an Mosquitto MQTT broker on a VM instance on Google Cloud, link my gateway to it and mount the thing on a high site with a decent co-linear antenna (I have a Ham Radio License). How big of a coverage area could I build?
    Perhaps I make a mobile Node reporting GPS RSSI and drive around?
    Solar-powered repeater nodes in the trees?

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    Welcome to the forum @cloolalang

    A WAN doesn't really fit the MySensors design; MySensors is designed for house-sized networks. It is probably possible to use MySensors, but I think the following projects could be more applicable:


  • Thanks for your reply.
    Is there a document which describes the tree radio network transport design in detail?
    I have taken look at the API and the mysensors Radio page.
    I am keen to know if this is an CSMA or Aloha system and how the network can respond to higher traffics loads, channel occupancy and collisions etc.
    Its a great project, I really like that the LoRa Phy has been leveraged to this.

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    @cloolalang it depends on the underlying transport protocol. Some use csma (rfm69 with new driver), some aloha (nrf24), some tri-state (rs485). I don't think MySensors has assembled documentation covering that angle.

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