PineTab as a MySensors smart home controller?

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    The PineTab is a 10" linux tablet made by which will go on sale this month, for $75.

    In line with their other projects, the hardware and software are open source. So I've been thinking it could be a great startingpoint for creating a trustworthy alternative to the Google Home Hub.

    It could be used with MySensors in a number of ways.

    • The tablet has a built-in slot for expansino boards. One could be made that add MySensors radios (as well as other smart home radios).
    • Create a 'backpack' that replaces the rear cover, and add a radio module inside.
    • Similarly, create a stand. The tablet has pogopins on the side to which a keyboard cover can be connected. But this is essentially a USB 2.0 port, so it could also be used to connect it to something like this:


    I'm going to explore this idea as a next step for Candle. Would anyone else be interested in exploring this idea?

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