migrate to cc1101..

  • Hi. one easy question .. will be possible migrate from nrf24l01+ to cc1101 ?
    panstamp is also arduino compatible .. but mysensor is more easy and beter to understand it .. but nrf24l01+ have short range ..
    what do you think about it ??


  • Admin


    You could try the RF69 (HopeRF) radio which is supported in development branch. It comes in lower frequency->longer range.

  • hi. I don't need exactly cc1101 .. need longer range .. rf69 .. I open documentation and read it .. pls write more about solution with radio module rf69 . example code , photo or schematic .. pls write more ..

  • rf69 look very good .. big tx tower , hardware security etc.. but ho to use with MySensors , who have schematic , code example ..etc..
    is possible buy this in eu? or in slovakia or czech republik?? regards .. 868mhz or 433mhz

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