• Is there a way to contribute to mysensors tutorials, example sketches, etc? In my experience, I have found some tutorials to be limited, vague, or missing information that would be helpful to a novice, such as myself. For example: currently, I am learning RS485 and have a working moisture sensor sketch I would like to contribute that may be helpful to someone else. Is there a corner for such contributions?

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    Hi @mrhutchinsonmn,

    Yes, it is possible to contribute your own tutorial by creating a project on (it shares the same database as and submit it for review. After publishing, I can "move" it to the site and you can continue editing it.

    For long time contributors we can offer full editor rights which means you can update any article on the site. It's a bit scary to hand out this right to anyone so you'd have to prove yourself first 😉

    If something is wrong in the current articles, you can of cause pm us the error to be corrected.

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