Here's a better crimping tool for Dupont, JST, and Molex

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    I stumbled across this by accident, as I just happen to be wiring up a Duet 2 to a 3D printer. It crimps BOTH the insulation and the conductive wire connection in one pass. It's an IWISS sn-2549, and this guy gives a compelling demo on how to use it:

    Crimping Duet 3 driver connectors – 10:52
    — Cheule's Flashlight Reviews

    I have the expensive Engineering crimper that so many youtubers say is the best, but this IWISS looks a lot better to me, and it's far less expensive too.

    Amazon carries the IWISS SN-28B, which looks very similar. Is it better or worse or the same?

    Anyone here tried either one care to comment?

  • I have the IWS-2412M, IWS-2820M, IWS-3220M, SN-28B, SN-01BM, SN-2549, and the AP-153045 crimp tools by IWISS.

    The SN-28B, as well as a couple of the other crimp tools, will crimp the terminal types you have mentioned, as well as the SN-2549. The AP-153045 is too large, being designed for Anderson Power Pole connectors, and the IWS-3220 is just a bit small for such duty.

    There is no single crimp tool for all terminal types, and what works well for one individual may not necessarily work well for you, and that has a lot to do with wire type, brand of terminal, tension setting of the crimp tool being used, the level of polish on the dies in use, and probably most notably, the speed with which the crimp cycle is executed. If you see somebody in an online video using a crimp tool and obtaining satisfactory results, keep in mind that that person's circumstances will not necessarily be the same conditions of use for you.

    If I hurry the crimp cycle with any appropriately-sized crimp tool, I'm going to get a bad crimp, so bear that in mind. Used correctly, either the 28B or the 2549 will produce identical results.

  • I use the SN-01BM crimping tool for Dupont / JST-style connectors, which is basically a smaller version of the SN-28B that can't handle wire diameters bigger than 20AWG. It has only two crimping slots in the die. Mine is from "Plato" though, not from IWISS - not sure if they are resellers or a copycat. On photos, they look identical, apart from the color of the grips.

    I get nice crimps with a single pass for both insulator and conductor, but the crimp terminal needs to be inserted precisely. If inserted too deep or not deep enough, a second pass is needed to roll over the wings of both the insulator and conductor barrels in their full length.

  • I use these: Well, they work, but profile is not the best for dupont (2.5mm). But for their price it's ok.

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