Funny story time

  • A temperature sensor in my boys' room went missing this morning when my wife gathered up the bed sheets to launder. I hadn't printed a case for it and mounted it anywhere and had it on the bed out of the way. It should have been hard to get tangled up in the sheets.
    I noticed it was missing from its perch and was looking around for it but not too hard as I was working.
    And hour or so later I walked passed one of the panels in the house that displays information and noticed the temperature for that room had increased to over 100 Fahrenheit which immediately confirmed my suspicion about where it went.

    It went through the wash cycle and on to dry (combination machine) and survived the whole thing 😂20210105_155934.jpg

  • You are very lucky! I accidently put my car key through the wash and it was trashed. Luckily I had a spare.

  • @skywatch
    hah, tell me about it. it went through battery and all. Still dutifully reporting every 3 minutes.

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