Help to identify Arduino pro mini clone components

  • Hello

    I have some Arduino pro mini Chineese clones which are not exactly made like original. I know it's normal 🙂

    I m trying to recognize components but i m note sure.

    Here is a picture of the part or the card.

    I Hope the number i ve added are visible.
    So what is
    1: no Idea.
    2: a diode
    3: voltage regulator
    4: led indicating power on
    5: resistor for the led 4 ?
    6: "small" capacitor on vcc ?
    7: "Big" capacitor on raw pin ?
    8: "Big" capacitor on vcc ?
    9: "small" capacitor on rst pin ?
    10 : oscillator

    Without ?, I'm quite sure. With ? I'm not sure but don't see what else it could be, and no Idea => no Idea 🤣

    Thank you for your knowledge

  • @barrydou You got it right!

    1. Is a polyfuse that protects the module from overcurrent. It will go open circuit in the event of a current surge, but will 'self-heal' over a period of hours (some say to put in the freezer over night!).

    A search on the net will get you the circuit diagram as well, this might help.

  • Mod

    @barrydou you seem right about the component types. If you doubt on their connection or use, just use a multimeter to trace signals

  • Thank you so much.

    I did not found any schematic for those boards. And the diode and polyfuse are not on the sparkfun design.

    The diode let me crazy when trying to verify and trace the signal with multimeter. I take a long time before understanding why my multimeter some times say connected, sometime say not connected. And this night, I tell myself : it's a diode 🙂

    Thank you again !

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