car sensor with android display

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    I'm a total newbie on arduino, but I am planning to build different types of sensors based on mysensors (raspberry pi + serial gateway etc),. Besides, I have another project and wondered if I could reuse mysensors for that or if other solutions would be more adapted : As I'm planning to buy a 2 din android autoradio in order to improve my car in different ways (reverse camera, osb2 display, etc), I thought I could try to add some arduino operated temperature sensors with display on widgets of the android unit.

    I would like to keep it simple : one arduino with 2 wired temp sensors, powered and linked to android via an usb port. Unfortunately, it seems like mysensors doesn't support sensors on the gateway so I'd like to know if you would have some suggestions about that idea.

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    The mySensors is focused on home-automation mostly. You always need at least one sensor, one gateway and a controller to process the data.

    In your scenario (car), maybe you could find an android app that communicates directly to arduino via USB, and fetches the temperature? That would be the straight forward approach I think.