Multiple gateways on one controller. Is it possible?

  • Hi.
    I need to know if it is possible to have multiple gateways linked to the same controller.
    Lets say I have a serial gateway directly connected to my OpenHab controller. May I add a second ethernet MQQT gateway that is outside my local network (port forwarding being done)?
    That would allow me, for example, to log in the controller local data, and also data from wherever in the world I have the second gateway.

    Thanks, regards.

  • Mod

    I think (not sure though) there are 2 things to consider:

    1. It depends on the controller and/or how the plugin was created.
    2. The 2 gateways should really be located so sensors really can only 'talk' to one gateway.

    Concerning 1. I created the Indigo plugin. Indigo does not support having more than one instance of the same plugin. That means that the plugin should support having more than one gateway. Currently it does not have that support but there are no technical reasons why it could not be done (although it would involve a lot of extra work).

  • Hardware Contributor

    In my setup I use MQTT for OpenHab integration. Maybe this would fulfill your requirements to?

  • FotoFieber, do you know if you can link multiple mqtt gateways to one openhab controller=

  • Hardware Contributor

    My setup looks like this:

    MQTT Client Gateway <-> mosquitto mqtt server <-> OpenHab

    With this setup you can have multiple MQTT Client Gateway (with different topics).

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