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  • Hey,

    So it seems I ordered some 3v Pro minis and not the 5v Pro minis as I expected.. No worries though as I figure yeah why not power the 3v minis of batteries..

    So I was looking to order some battery cases and thought Id need a step up converter, the store confirms this however there only appears to be step down converters in the store .

    Can anyone point in the the direction of the correct converter I need?


    Battery Case

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    @Qu3Uk you don't need a converter. The pro mini can work directly off tge th. battery pack. If you want the batteries to last long look at the "battery powering" section under the "build" on the site. Sorry for not including links but i am writing this on a phone...

  • Ah that's some good info.

    Seems i was thrown off then the buying guide suggests you NEED a step up module as opposed to optional I guess?

    Back to the waiting game none the less.

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    @Qu3Uk you need a stepup to power 5v arduinos by battery. I was also a bit confused about that. Also some sensors have less tolerance so you need stepup. I posred some time ago a question about tiny and cute stepups. They work great. Again, apologies for not including links

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    @Moshe-Livne On the laptop so links are here!

    Again, you need these babies only if you have a sensor that requires voltage above a certain level. Most don't. These are reasonably efficient but compared to a pro mini with led and regulator cut they are energy hoggers... If the sensors you use require 3.3v it might be better to leave the onboard voltage regulator (not sure but think this is the case. maybe someone more knowledgeable can verify). The only sensor I can think of that requires 5v is a relay, and these are usually being run off charger not battery.

  • @Moshe-Livne Sweet. thanks.