What wire to use when soldering semi-permanent sensors?

  • I have placed a couple of sensors around the house witch are just connected with dupoint-cables. Ideally I would want to use custom PCB´s and housings but I can't find any premade that matches all my needs and have RFM69 radio. I also lack the skills to modify existing PCB's for my needs.

    So I was thinking that I should atleast use "real"-cables to solder everything together neatly and maybe place in some cheap ebay-enclousures. But what kind of cables is best to use for this? I have read a little about "AWG" 18, 24 and other numbers, is it any of those that should be used?

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    AWG 24 or 26 seems to be what most people use. Just note that (as with most American measurements) the numbers can be quite confusing. AWG 26 is thinner than AWG 24.
    I prefer stranded over solid core, since stranded bends easier. This is probably what you want.

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    I prefer solid core wires. Since it's not moving, you have little use of the strandeds flexibility once it's in place. In small spaces you can pre-bend a solid core and solder easier. Tinning the ends is not always needed for solid core. If you rework a small stranded wire there's almost always one strand pointing out wrong, with solder on. Solid cores can also be used for breadboarding.

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    why dont you design your own pcbs? Its quite easy...