Need Advice on Sizing a 5V DC Motor

  • Hi Experts!

    Are there any tutorials on how to size a 5V DC motor; what I mean by that is I need to lift/lower a 5Kg weight. The speed is not that important, but the ability to lift a relatively heavy weight is.

    I assume I need high torque, but have not figured out whether a particular motor is capable of lifting that type of weight.

    Any advice/directions I can get are greatly appreciated.

  • Admin

    With some kind of pulley system you should get enough power to lift 5kg.

  • @hek : Many thanks! I can do the math to do a pulley system, but that is dependent on the size of the motor, yes? What would you think the minimum size of motor I should start with? Do I need to go to a 24VDC motor, or can I do something with 5VDC motor?


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