RFM69 breakoutboard, what components to use?

  • I just ordered this breakoutboard from OSHpark RFM69 Breakout board

    But I don't understand what components I need to order to make it work with the RFM69 radio. I am not interested in the SPI flash or sd card reader, but I guess I need some smd resistors atleast.

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    Looking at the schematics: If you don't want to use the LEDs or the CE pin for future use of the RFM69, I don't think you need to add anything. Maybe a 2x4 female header for the NRF if you want to be able to disconnect it easily.

    Edit: Antenna is needed, of course, and the female/male header would be for disconnecting the RFM breakout from the NRF port I mean. Didn't come out correct the first time.

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    You might want to look at this one which is much simpler (IMO): https://github.com/uChip/RFM69W_BOB - it has space for a 3.3V power regulator and level shifting resistors if you need them.

    I made a modified (even simpler) version of that which you can find here: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/OhoMAYdA which I've used successfully. It requires a 3.3V input but it will do level shifting via resistors or you can solder the jumper pads if you already have 3.3V signals (that's what I did).

  • Ok, I wanted the board in my post as it used the same pin out as the nrf01. But then I guess that I will not be able to use the breakout board with anything other than mini pro 3.3v as the input are not 5v tolerant

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    You could combine the two ideas and create a PCB board with level shifters and the 4x2 connector.

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