MySensors Network at a High School Farm

  • I have been creating a sensor network at a local high school and the mysensors project is basically what makes it possible. I just launched a website on amazon documenting some of what is deployed with live graphs.

    At this point we are mainly just monitoring and collecting data, so my controller is a very simple node-red installation that saves data locally and transmits data via MQTT to mosquitto runing on an Amazon EC2 instance. Another installation of node-red again saves data to InfluxDB and Grafana displays the data very nicely.


    We have three active nodes. One sensebender node running off battery and another solar powered node. A sample of the graphing is below. Check it out. The site is new so I suspect there are many typos and broken links. Thanks again to this community for helping me.

    Grafana - GHS.png

  • Wow! What a great project. It's on the top of my list now. Thanks!!

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    @bpair Your setup is comparable to the one I'm running at home. I only have MQTT inbetween the MySensors network and Node-RED, and only one Node-RED instance which directly posts to InfluxDB, running locally.
    Especially Grafana is simply awesome and has been the only graphing tool capable of serving all my needs.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • @Yveaux what controller do you use?
    I currently have domoticz and I'm wondering about getting it somehow to system.

  • @Yveaux Yeah Grafana has been great. I would have something similar to your setup but the greenhouse only has a cell phone hotspot so I wanted to get the data out to the cloud with as little traffic as possible. Then display all the graphs from there (grafana on Amazon)

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    @andriej I experimented with various systems and settled with OpenHab, although I'm not very happy with it. I'm mostly monitoring at the moment so Grafana will do the trick.

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    @bpair it seems overkill to also store the data and run Grafana locally, but I can imagine this works for you.

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    @bpair What gateway-sketch (standard serial?) do you use with which version of mysensors?

    My setup is quite similar (influx, node-red, grafana) but no cloud deployment. Most sensors are based on mysensors, but there are others (homematic with homegear and netatmo).

  • @Yveaux The install in the greenhouse is basically because the internet connection is costly and not reliable. I have an old linux computer in teh greenhouse for the following reasons:

    1. To save the date even if there is no internet
    2. To display a nice dashboard on the computer in the greenhouse (looks impressive)
    3. To allow students to look at the graphs locally without internet

  • @FotoFieber Just the standard serial gateway. There is a nice node-red node for parsing mysensors serial data. I then have some basic code that recognizes the specific data, e.g. node 9 child 10 is the aquaponics water temperature, so that I can store more information in influxd to mak ethe graphs better.

    I also have node-red respond to the metric/imperial question. That is basically it.

  • And I just noticed the internet has been down at the greenhouse since early Saturday! More reason to have a local install.

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