LiPo Batteries

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    I have just received 4000 mAh LiPo but they rate 0V and under LiPo from Adafruit ( they advertize as full (green light) but cannot hold the load charge.

    I'm trying to load it with a Li-Ion charger with a voltage control manually but I don't know if that will give anything for one loaded up to 3,980V has the same symptom as above...

    As a reference, I have a 2000mAh from Particle.Io that works well to load or support the load.

    any idea ?

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    @ceech the previous one I had were with your board, do you have some knowledge on this issue with batteries having pcm protection on ?

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    still no luck even with a better one...

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    found the issue, the polarity was wrong...

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