A Lifx like bulb, based on ESP8266. What about those products for DIYers?

  • Hi,

    I've always been addicted to light and contorl of them to match my mood, me and some other friend in souliss have the LYT8266 that's basically a RGBW bulb with an ESP8266 inside.

    This is a product designed for the DIY community and I've much interest in this, because it can help community like MySensor, Souliss and others to growth their smarthomes in a more safe and professional way. They (Authometion) didn't get much media coverage and that's why I'm sharing here these type of product, because it can be a good option also for MySensor based networks.

    On my side I really hope that there is enough interest in these type of products oriented for the DIY marked, what do you think about?


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    @plinioseniore said:


    Very interesting product! Thanks for mentioning it here.
    I was very surprised that they actually mounted an ESP module inside the lamp, instead of the chip. Probably the modules can be obtained cheaper than the individual chips 😉

  • @Yveaux it mostly depends on the volumes, for small batch (lets say 1k) is easier and cheaper to get the module itself.

    Authometion is not the only one that is betting on "products for DIYers", Itead Studio is just starting a campaign for his Sonoff & Slampher as leaked that are based on ESP8266.

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    @plinioseniore said:

    for small batch (lets say 1k)

    I understand, but I'd expect they target way bigger volumes (say 100k+).

  • I hope for them that they will reach that production 🙂

    Mostly is understand if there is a market for those type of "product", from my personal point of view, those are great products. Because into a permanent installation, a proper hardware gives more reliability than hand-made devices. But I don't really know how many people that plays with MySensor, Souliss and similar will go for this way.

  • Cliff just found some other bulbs based on ESP8266, in this case are not intended to be reprogrammed because there are no RX,TX and GPIO0 exposed. Also in this case, the ESP8266 is on a dedicated PCB as addon.


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