Error: MySensors: Tidsgr�nsen f�r semaforen har uppn�tts

  • Anyone knows what this means and why it happens?

    It is in Swedish, my Windows 10 use Swedish language.

    "the semafor has reach its time limit"

    This happens when I disconnect my one and only sensor. I have to reset gateway to solve the problem.

    I am using latest stabile version of Domoticz, MySensors LAN on Arduino Pro Mini and CC3000 Shield.

    It seems to be same as ERROR_SEM_TIMEOUT.
    Anyone know what this is?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Hi! Interesting... strange.
    Where do you see this message - in Domoticz? Is the sensor within the MySensors network or connected to your gateway?

  • @sundberg84
    Message in Domoticz Log.

    sensor is on one arduino nano and gateway on Arduino Mega, so I think the answer is: MySensors network.

    I started with MySensors one week ago, so I dont understand all these names, yet 🙂

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