Gateway placement for people who sleep bad if the wi-fi network is on

  • Hello all.
    I'm just wondering if a repeater node with antenna outside the house (like, under the TV antenna) is better than a gateway with antenna inside, for people who sleep bad if the wi-fi network is on.

    Or... if the NRF24 is so much powerless (i don't know ow to say that in english) that it doesn't matter ?

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    What I've read, psychology is the main factor when people can't sleep due to radio signals. So if you are worried, and you know the gateway is outside the house, you'll definitely sleep better. If you have the gateway in your bedroom and it is completely turned off, but you think it is turned on, you'll have trouble sleeping.

    So yes it can make a difference. And no, I don't think it matters. See also this discussion.

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    Psychology is the only factor. The impact of WiFi signals on humans have been researched at length by all countries that approve WiFi signaling. None have been able to prove any impact what so ever for both 2.4 and 5Ghz. Most countries have a radiation authority that posts online their findings so it is just a matter of googling the appropriate report for your location and read.

  • Interesting but I've made tests with my wife... and i really know if the wifi was on or off without ask here.

    But I'm okay that psychology is a main factor, but surely not the only one.

    But yeah, Mysensors gateway is much more a listener than an emitter so... it may doesn't matter ?

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    If you really are concerned, try switching to a serial or ethernet gw. Then wifi is out if the equation. Also, there is now a rs485 serial gw available on the development branch which mean that you can use mysensors without any rf whatsoever.

  • I have a serial gateway. I've talked about wi-fi only for comparaison, but... It seem that it's not really comparable.

    Thanks for your answers anyway !