Arduino X-10 Controller for Domoticz

  • I have a ton of old X-10 modules laying around that I would like to make use of. I have done some searching so if I overlooked a previous topic apologies.

    What I am looking for is a way to setup an Arduino Uno with an X-10 Power line converter as a gateway from my Pi to control my X-10 outlets. If there is a better way to do this by simply buying a USB adapter for the Pi I am open to that as well. Any ideas or examples would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    @ewaldsreef I'm not that familiar with X10 but it looks to me that a solution like here on the Domoticz wiki is the way to go

  • @AWI Thanks. I think that will be the easiest. I wouldn't even mess with the x-10 anymore if I didn't already have all the outlets.