Problems trying to compile Ethernet MQTT Gateway but samples OK

  • Hi, I'm trying to compile this sample:
    If I try online plugin, fails (blink sample is OK)
    If I try with Arduino IDE (1.6.5 OS X), can't compile, always MySigningNone.h error. I've installed latest libraries, and now I can see MySensors examples (so I think libraries are ok).
    I can compile MySensors Eth samples without issue, but I'm a bit confused because the name of the sketch sometimes is different of what it supposes to do (the description in the .ino file doesn't match with the filename).
    I want to compile a Ethernet Gateway with MQTT (using UNO or Pro Mini and ENC28J60) and it's a bit frustrating for me that I can't pass one of the fists steps. I'm not very experimented with Arduino or Programming, but I have an OpenEnergyMonitor solution working for more than a year (...and very proud), so I thought that install libraries, compile, upload sketch... were not going to be a problem (...I thought).

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!! ...and sorry for my English.

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    @KiZD welcome to the forum!

    Can you post the full error from the Arduino IDE?

  • MQTTGateway.ino.ino:80:27: fatal error: MySigningNone.h: No such file or directory
    compilation terminated.
    Error de compilaciĆ³n


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    The MySensors Eth example that you are able to compile, do you mean /examples/EthernetGateway/EthernetGateway.ino ?

    If that compiles, /examples/MQTTGateway/MQTTGateway.ino should also work. Strange.

  • Hi,

    It's not the same sketch. I can't find any sketch in the examples that have the same two tabs.

    In the other hand, I can upload without issue with codebender this one: ...but I need ENC28J60 and MQTT


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    @KiZD said:

    It's not the same sketch. I can't find any sketch in the examples that have the same two tabs.

    Could you explain what you refer to as "it" in this sentence? EthernetGateway? or MQTTGateway? or something else?

  • Sorry...
    In the example sketches provided with the libraries, I can't find any one like

  • I can compile all examples like GatewayW5100MQTTClient, GatewayENC28J60... but not this one:
    In my Arduino install, this method to install libraries didn't work:
    I have to move MySensors folder to my libraries folder to make examples work.

    Why can't compile with codebender plugin? (other MySensor's sketches do)
    Why this "MySigningNone.h" error with Arduino IDE? Is something related with this ??


  • Hello!

    ...any idea? I've seen similar issues with this MySigningNone.h error, but haven't seen any clear sollution.


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    I'm not sure exactly what you have tried, but the mqtt client gateway sketch is only for development branch library while the old mqtt gateway sketch that you linked to, is for the 1.5 releases. You can't mix old style sketches with dev branch library and vice versa. It's sounds like you should try to reinstall the mysensors library from scratch. Remove everything first. Read the install instructions on the mysensors web carefully. Decide if you want to go for dev branch or a release. Then install either, and only use sketch examples from the correct source per library install.

  • Thanks!!

    I've done in a new install in Windows, installed this libraries:

    And now, I get this error:
    ...MQTTGateway.ino:77:23: fatal error: DigitalIO.h: No such file or directory

    #include <DigitalIO.h>

    Wich sketch should I use if I'm looking for a MQTTGateway with ENC28J60? Sample sketch provided with libraries is for W5100, can I use this sketch:

    and replace #include <Ethernet.h> for #include <UIPEthernet.h> ??


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    I don't think so, but you can always try. The mqtt client gateway in the dev branch was not developed with support for enc28j60 in mind.

    If you want to use that module, your best bet is to use a 1.5 release of mysensors and the old mqtt broker gateway sketch. Although I can't remember if I've read successful reports on that in the forum.

    The enc28j60 ethernet module is notoriosly hard to get working in combination with mysensors according to a lot of posts in the forum. My advice is, get a 5100 module.

  • Thanks!

    In the example that I'm trying

    I thought that was developed for both enc28j60 and 5100 , but now I can see that I was wrong. (I can't compile, anyway)

    The example provided with libraries (dev branch)

    is very different from the one proposed on the web:

    The one provided in dev branch libraries examples is not 1.5?

    If I get a W5100 wich sketch sould I use?

    Perhaps, I should try to use a serial gateway, but I like the idea to have a device for only RFL24>Eth / MQTT.

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Dev branch source, means that the code is under development and a lot of things have changed after the latest release of mysensors, which is currently 1.5.4.

    Old sketches from 1.5 releases or earlier have to be modified to work in combination with the dev branch library. The examples that you get together with the library if downloading the dev branch, have all been modified to work with the dev branch library.

    Some sketches like the mqtt gateway sketch, have been completely rewritten. In the old sketch the gateway was acting as an mqtt broker. In the new dev branch sketch, the gateway is an mqtt client.

    The W5100 module should work with all mysensors gateway sketches for ethernet modules, ie both ethernet and mqtt gateway and both 1.5 release and dev branch.

  • OK, I understand...

    I'll buy a W5100 and will try with serial until module arrives.

    Thank you!!

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