I know what I want but I don't know the hardware to get there.

  • Controller:
    Re-purposed desktop computer
    I am going to use MyNodes.net. I think it has a intuitive interface and am excited about creating my own objects. It is a ASP.NET based solution (which I am very familiar) so it seems like a good fit for me.

    So I have the controller covered but here's where things get "fuzzy"

    What if ALL my devices are WiFi capable? Do I need an arduino, or single board computer gateway? I am planning on creating devices with multiple ESP8266 (adafruit HUZZAH) and am wondering if I do that do I really need a gateway?

    I know it is probably good practice to go on a different subnet for these things, but that is just a networking issue, put in a dedicated WiFi router for your home automation devices and done. Or, is that essentially what a "gateway" does?

    I want all of my devices to be WiFi (ESP8266). Has anyone connected sensors to a HUZZAH or something comparable? How did it talk to the "gateway"

    Any help is very appreciated.


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    Welcome here @neech.

    Well, the ESP8266 is directly connected to the gateway over WiFi so no other gateway is needed.

    I haven't had the opportunity to try the HUZZAH. But I imagine it similar to the NodeMCU.

  • Well when you say it like that it sounds so obvious. However, the ESP8266 comes essentially comes with a boot loader and that's it. Are their sketches already completed to talk to a gateway with one of these?

  • Admin

    "their" sketches? Not sure what you mean.

    I doubt Adafruit delivers a "factory" firmware communicating using MySensors protocol. 🙂

  • You're probably right on the adafruit thing, and the use of "their"...I am usually good about that. The question is, I want a computer acting as a controller and a WiFi gateway, a board with a sensor and an ESP8266 on it talking directly to the gateway. Is it possible and has it been done?

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    Yes, it is possible and has been done. Use the ESP-gateway example sketch in the development branch on github.