Decimals not appear at Vera UI

  • Hello , I am modifying files multimeter to work well in UI7 , so far work well , but can not get me decimals appear in the interface vera ( in arduino if displayed) , only the first number , for example appears .


    gw.send ( msgVoltBat.set ( ( int ) VoltLevelBat , 2) , 1) ;

    sends 3.95 volts and appears vera UI 3.00

    I tried to change the type of variavle in S_Multimeter1 to i4 , UI4 , string , float without results.

    Use this skit to control the voltage of the battery and solar module and need to be accurate.

    Thank you very much

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    @rabeliyo said:
    VoltLevelBat must be a float (or casted to a float) when calling set.

  • ok!! Like this?

    float VoltBatScale = analogRead(A2);
    float VoltLevelBat = VoltBatScale*4.12/376; //376 is the analog read at 4.12v (full charged battery)
    if (VoltLevelBat != lastVoltLevelBat) {
    lastVoltLevelBat = VoltLevelBat;

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    yes, but you shouldn't need to cast a float to a float like you are doing here:


    also, because of the way floating point numbers work:

    if (VoltLevelBat != lastVoltLevelBat) {

    may be a LOT more frequently than you may actually wish. Consider just updating the controller with a simple timer instead.

  • Works!!! Thanks a lot, i upload my remake of multimeter for UI7, all works but i only use the current and the voltage for my solar module, i will change the impedance to Kw/h

    0_1459000846524_Sin título.jpg

    Vera Files:

    Now i have a problem with the 3.3 PIR mod, i open a new post XD


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